Legislation of Interest

HB 4, Bacala Provides relative to the crime of criminal trespass on running waters of the state
HB 10, Carter, R. Removes eminent domain authority of carbon dioxide storage facility operators
HB 35, Carter, R. Prohibits carbon dioxide sequestration projects in St. Helena Parish
HB 82, Edmonston Abolishes the Louisiana Environmental Education Commission
HB 99, Orgeron Provides relative to the disposition of funds derived from alternative energy production in the coastal area
HB 116, Orgeron Provides relative to the disposition of funds derived from alternative energy production in the coastal area
HB 120, Muscarello Prohibits the permitting of certain above-surface structures on Lake Maurepas and Lake Pontchartrain
HB 254, Thomas Repeals provisions in the Louisiana Constitution related to various funds
HB 255, Landry Establishes a tax credit for restaurants that recycle oyster shells
HB 267, Wheat Places a moratorium on carbon dioxide sequestration projects on Lake Maurepas and the Maurepas Swamp Wildlife Management Area
HB 277, Bagley Provides relative to severance tax revenues remitted to parishes in which the associated severance occurs
HB 278, McFarland Increases amounts of severance tax revenues remitted to parishes and requires that portions of these amounts be spent on parish transportation projects
HB 308, Wheat Requires an environmental impact statement as part of the coastal use permit application process for certain uses of Lake Maurepas and the Maurepas Swamp Wildlife Management Area
HB 312, Carter, R. Provides relative to liability and damages resulting from carbon sequestration
HB 436, Johnson, T. Provides a state sales tax exemption for certain farmers for acquisition of renewable energy systems and items and services for energy efficiency improvements
HB 438, Owen, R. Provides relative to oyster seed ground vessel permits
HB 448, Riser Appropriates funds for payment of the judgment against the state in the suit entitled Crooks v. State, Department of Natural Resources
HB 453, Mack Requires that carbon dioxide injected for geologic sequestration using a Class VI injection well be transported to and sequestered in a storage facility in the Gulf of Mexico
HB 454, Mack Requires a local election for the approval of carbon dioxide sequestration within a parish
HB 455, Coussan Provides relative to rights in minerals
HB 465, Hodges Provides relative to the Louisiana Scenic Rivers Act
HB 476, Huval Establishes the Acadiana Watershed District
HB 503, Cox Provides relative to hull identification numbers issued by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
HB 526, Zeringue Establishes and provides for the Louisiana Office of Resilience
HB 528, Cormier Increases penalties for violations of shrimp and crawfish labeling requirements in food service establishments
HB 535, Coussan Provides relative to use of monies in the Waste Tire Management Dedicated Fund Account
HB 551, Zeringue Makes supplemental appropriations for Fiscal Year 2022-2023
HB 570, Seabaugh Establishes a monetary reward for feral hog tails
HB 571, Schexnayder Provides relative to carbon capture and sequestration
HB 576, Orgeron Provides relative to the taking of menhaden
HB 591, Fisher Provides relative to fee exemptions for certain solar power generation facilities
HB 635, Hollis Increases the rate of the excise tax on vapor products and electronic cigarettes and dedicates a portion of the avails of such increase to payment of salaries and related benefits for La. State Police
HCR 3, Beaullieu Exempts users of the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge and the Marsh Island Wildlife Refuge from the requirement of completion of a self-clearing permit
HCR 8, Echols Requests weekly briefings by electronic mail to the legislature on security threats
HCR 85, Johnson, T. Urges and requests the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to study the feasibility of allowing a black bear hunting season
HR 68, Thomas Urges and requests Louisiana state agencies to prioritize native plant species in landscaping state properties, except for invasive plant species listed on the Louisiana Wildlife Action Plan
HR 85, Mincey Urges and requests the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to research, evaluate, and make recommendations relative to allowing the use of dogs for deer hunting on the Maurepas Swamp Wildlife Management Area
SB 42, Mills, F. Creates the Louisiana Watershed Initiative
SB 51, Milligan Provides relative to the Louisiana Electric Utility Energy Transition Securitization Act
SB 90, Mills, R Provides for Cooperative Endeavor Agreement for surface water
SB 103, Lambert Renames the Department of Natural Resources
SB 119, Cathey Provides for the youth hunting license fee and licensing requirements.
SB 133, Hensgens Provides for the menhaden fishery
SB 141, Hensgens Provides for carbon sequestration
SB 154, Allain Provides for renewable energy leases
SB 214, McMath Renames and reorganizes the Department of Economic Development as the Department of Commerce, moves the office of multimodal commerce from the Department of Transportation and Development to the Department of Commerce, and transfers powers, duties, and responsibilities with respect to multimodal commerce and corresponding department employees, equipment, facilities, funding, and statutory entities from the Department of Transportation and Development to the Department of Commerce
SCR 6, Hensgens Approves the annual state integrated coastal protection plan for Fiscal Year 2024, as adopted by the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Board.
SCR 17, Hensgens Approves the comprehensive master plan for integrated coastal protection.